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Liebherr WTb 4212

Vinothek Liebherr WTb4212 is a multi-temperature wine fridge with all the quality and reliabiltiy Liebherr appliances are known for. Glass door, 5 wooden shelves, and an energy efficiency rating Class A, making it one of the most efficient wine coolers available in terms of power consumption. Graduated temperature zones allow for optimum wine serving and storage conditions.


Manufactured in Europe to the highest standards and specifications, Liebherr now offers a high bottle capacity wine cooler at a competitive price with the new Energy Efficiency Rating of category A, the most efficient consumption available.  This multi- temperature wine cooler provides you with the flexibility to store all your wines at chilling, maturation and serving temperatures in a single cabinet.

  • 5 height adjustable wooden shelves
  • UV protected, tinted, reversible glass door
  • Interior dimmable light, 3 settings
  • Graduated temperature zones from 5°C at the bottom up to 20°C at the top
  • Childproofing and door alarm
  • Charcoal filter for air circulation
  • Humidity maintenance between 50% and 80%
  • Climate rating SN/ST, Energy Efficiency Rating A

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1650 x 600 x 739 mm (H x W x D)

Maximum capacity

200 bottles